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Case of Production

Superhero produced by Tamotsu Ebina, Hero Creator

  • Superhero in Akita CHOJIN NEIGAROffical SiteSuperhero ProductionSuperhero DevelopmentHe protects the seas, the mountains and Akita. A Superhero from Akita armed with local production. Here’s Akita’s fighting specialty, CHOJIN NEIGAR.


"CHOJIN NEIGAR" is the pioneer of the local superhero boom, armed with Akita’s specialties and culture.
To cheer up Akita, Tamotsu Ebina himself worked on design, costumes, original stories, scripts and action supervising. The production was a great success.


TV Series & Live Show

The TV series such as; "Lawson Presents: CHOJIN NEIGAR vs. HOJINASHI KAIJIN - Protect the Seas, the Mountains and Akita!" (2007), "Lawson Presents: CHOJIN NEIGAR - The Final Battle in Sightseeing Spots in Akita" (2008) and "CHOJIN NEIGAR – The Great Battle Tournament" (2013) have been broadcasted on ABS Akita Broadcasting.
In addition, live shows and collaborative events in various places in Akita prefecture have been held.


Achievement of CHOJIN NEIGAR

  • An article on local magazine made CHOJIN NEIGAR prominent in Akita. Ichiro Mizuki, the King of Superhero Song, sings the theme song and CHOJIN NEIGAR has become immensely popular to everyone in Akita.
  • In Akita, as a campaign character he performed in many commercials and contributed to selling merchandise such as; 100 thousand bottles of NEIGAR cider in 2 months and 10 thousand sets of local language playing cards in 6 months.
  • CHOJIN NEIGAR became a pioneer of the local superhero, and awarded the 24th "NHK Tohoku Hometown Awards" (Akita area).


  • Cheer up Tohoku! Unite, Unite!TOHOKU GASSHIN MIRAIGAROfficial siteSuperhero ProductionSuperhero Development A Tohoku superhero with the combined power of the 6 prefectures of Tohoku. Armed with icons of the 6 prefectures in Tohoku, he fights today against the GARASSHAR Empire that destroys the natural environment of Tohoku.

  • The First WORLD MIRAIGAR PROJECT. MIRAIGAR T1 (Thailand)FacebookSuperhero ProductionSuperhero ProductionSuperhero DevelopmentA superhero being developed in Thailand as the first WORLD MIRAIGAR PROJECT. Along with TV series "MIRAIGAR T1" it has been successful in various fields such as live shows and SDGs activities.

TV Series

MIRAIGAR T1 & iger and Dragon

TV series "MIRAIGAR T1" is a collaboration between producers with expertise in Japanese superheroes and Thai creators. The Thai superhero stands up to protect Thailand while facing various difficulties and ends in victory. It is the TV series of the Thai people, by the Thai people, for the Thai people.

heel The villains of MIRAIGAR T1 Season 1 heel The villains of MIRAIGAR T1 Season 2

Live Show

MIRAIGAR T1 Live shows

"Smile Smile Smile" is the ending theme song of TV series "MIRAIGAR T1 Season 1." Sasuga Minami, the choreographer, dances together with children.

Since 2017, we have held "MIRAIGAR T1 Live Show" in all over Thailand. In these shows, MIRAIGAR T1 and the villain KAMEKAIJIN demonstrate exciting actions. After the demonstration, the children in the venue enjoyed dancing to "Smile, Smile, Smile" with the MIRAI Girls, an idol group who teach dance to the children.

We held 122 live shows in 6 months at schools and shopping malls in Thailand, linking to the events for the disaster prevention of flood and landslide, sponsored by Thailand’s DMR (Department Ministry of Natural and Mineral Resources Environment which is the equivalent of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), and the local rotary club.

In "MIRAIGAR T1 Live Show," we promoted Okinawa tourism for the inbound of Okinawa and Japan. We also promoted client products by providing samples.

SDGs Activity of MIRAIGAR T1

Earth Children Summit 2018 (Japan)

On August 8, we participated in "Earth Children Summit 2018" held at the international convention hall of Diet members’ office building, sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Ministry of the Environment, in the presence of Mr. Ken Saito, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

MIRAIGAR T1 and KAMEKAIJIN crashed into the convention hall and had a presentation on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The summit’s theme was "Food Loss." They demonstrated the pose of SDGs 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" After that, MIRAIGAR T1 joined the discussion of the summit.

Earth Children Summit 2018 (Japan)
The Education of Disaster Prevention (Thailand)

We received a letter of appreciation from Dr. Somsak Wathanaprida, Director of Geohazards Operation Center of DMR (Department Ministry of Natural and Mineral Resources) in Thailand. DMR became known when 12 boys were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand in July 2018. The letter was appreciative of MIRAIGAR T1’s contributions to the SDGs Education of Disaster Prevention Project in 2017.

The education of disaster prevention (Thailand)

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