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  • oshinari Hatanaka
  • Toshinari Hatanaka Mother of RYUJIN MUBYAR
    Chairman & CEO
    Courage Force, Inc.

  • Toshinari Hatanaka produced "RYUJIN MUBYAR" for the local souvenir character.
    The TV program ""RYUJIN MUBYAR" started broadcasting in 2008 and achieved great success. Afterward he produced related TV series.
    In 2011, he produced the movie "RYUJIN MUBYAR – seven mabui" as executive producer and expanded nationwide.
    In 2014, he delivered its Islamic version "RYUJIN JUWARA" co-produced with DOUBLE VISION in Malaysia. It got the highest rating in children drama and animation categories on MEDIA PRIMA.

  • Narihiko Yoshida
  • Narihiko Yoshida
    Content Producer
    Managing Director & COO
    Courage Force, Inc.

  • For over 20 years, in Pony Canyon, Narihiko Yoshida was engaged in producing and marketing in the sectors of music, visual-media, game, and produced the hits of "Checkers", "Onyanko club" and "Dango Three Brothers" , etc.
    As movie producer, he produced 4 movies including Takeshi Kitano based film "Many Happy Returns" and produced many movie music.

    After Pony Canyon, as Executive Vice President of Digital Garage Inc., internet venture company, he got IPO on JASDAQ in 2000.
    Presently, he is professor of Digital Hollywood Graduate School, and so on.

  • Tamotsu Ebina
  • Tamotsu Ebina Hero Creator
    CHO (Chief Hero Officer) Courage Force, Inc.

  • Tamotsu Ebina is the producer who manages all works himself such as designing Super hero, producing costume, managing live show, and actions for regional activation.

    "CHOJIN NEIGAR", his representative work was born in June, 2005 to encourage his home town Akita where was in great difficulty.
    It is the pioneer of superhero of local production for local consumption that was created and applied its name from the materials of local language and food.
    "CHOJIN NEIGAR" became very popular and successful in Akita, and continues active on TV and Live show currently.

    At present in addition to the activity in Akita, he produces design and formative production of local hero in Iwate, Aomori, Yamagata, Niigata, Osaka, and Okinawa.

  • Kenichiro Miyama
  • Kenichiro Miyama Producer
    Courage Force, Inc.

  • CEO, Field Design Networks co., Ltd.
    After 15 years served to Tokyo Sales Dept., HQ Sales Dept. of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(former Sumitomo Bank), Kenichiro Miyama participated as director in ap bank, environment project that founded by Takeshi Kobayashi (music producer), Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr. Children), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician) .

    Afterwards he started his own business, at present as specially-appointed professor of School of Business Administration, Senshu University, and specially-appointed professor of The Graduate School of Project Design, he engages in the entrepreneur training education.
    He is also an instructor and accelerator of new business creation seminar of major manufacturing industry.
    Besides this, he holds the position of the committee member of administration of Central government ministries and agencies, such as the committee member of the central environment council and a committee member of regional vitalization of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

    He has overseas network with the top of major financial clique in Bangladesh and supports many Japanese companies to advance overseas.

  • Toshiya Niikura
  • Toshiya Niikura Content Producer
    Courage Force, Inc.

  • After his first directed movie "AKATSUKI" awarded in short film contest, Toshiya Niikura assumed CEO of Journal Entertainment Tribute Inc. in 2012.

    The company’s main business is
    1. Management of chromakey studio in Japan, video expression production for the next generation such as VR production, and drone shooting
    2. International co-production of content producing
    3. Trade and logistics operating with the video works
    4. Overseas sales of content copyright.

    In 2014, he was appointed to the producer of drama "Kimono hiden" of its Japanese part,and shot in 4 prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto, and Nagasaki.
    The next year, Thai tourists in Kyushu increased 2.2 times from previous year, In Saga increased 4 times, and the drama was awarded from Japan National Tourism Organization.

    In 2015-2017, he assumed to producer of the project of drama production (Japan Embassy certificated) which commemorated 130th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations.
    Adopted by Japan National Tourism Organization, subsidy project of Sendai city.

    In October, 2016, He co-founded AKATSUKI International, copyright management company in Hong Kong. They contracted the sales agreement of the live action movie of "Hikaru no go" in China.

    In August, 2018, he founded digital content media company, "JET DOGA LANKA" in Sri Lanka.

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