World MIRAIGAR Project.



2nd Feb. 2016

Courage Force, Inc. (Akita, JAPAN, CEO Tamotsu Ebina, ”CF”) announced today that it officially launched World MIRAIGAR Project, ”PROJECT” with Japanese hero concept to deliver courage, dreams and smiles to children around the world from February 12th at JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2016, “EXPO.”

This is a part of CF projects that CEO Ebina, birth parent of Akita’s successful local hero, Chojin Neiger, to produce country heroes who trained with the spirit of Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR, hero of Tohoku 6 prefectures.

We plan to launch the very first PROJECT in Thailand introducing World MIRAIGAR, “MIRAIGAR” at EXPO. Taking this opportunity, we would like to invite project partners. There will be project presentation, MIRAIGAR live show and CF exhibition booth at EXPO.

Presentation Details Below


Place: Mini Stage at JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2016
Supporters: JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2016 / Lib-Gate Co, Ltd. / Journal Entertainment Tribute Inc. / Nakamura International Co., Ltd.

1) Introduction of World MIRAIGAR
2) Presentation on World MIRAIGAR Project
3) Presentation on Business Model for project partners
4) Q&A

World MIRAIGAR Live Show

Date: 13:00 - 13:15 Sunday 14th February
Place: Main Stage at JAPAN EXPO IN THAILAND 2016
Schedule: World MIRAIGAR Show

Courage Force, Inc. Exhibition Booth

Exhibition contents: Presentation on World MIRAIGAR Project
World MIRAIGAR introduction Video
Chojin Neiger and World MIRAIGAR goods for sales.

World MIRAIGAR Project

This project is for World MIRAIGAR, brother of Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR to travel around the world and cooperate with country heroes for the purpose of encouraging and supporting local children and contributing to world peace.

We have following 3 missions.

1) Sympathizing with the spirit of UN’s SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)voted on Sep. 25th 2015, this project nurtures spirits to overcome challenges and social adaptabilities, support future of children, and contribute to world peace.

2) Supporting future of chilren in needs :
Providing a part of revenue generated from World MIRAIGAR project to support children.

3) Contributing to cultural and business exchanges between Japan and the world especially in tourism utilizing Hero Culture.

Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR

Tohoku’s 6 united heroes project is established by Tamotsu Ebina, birth parent of Chojin Neiger of Akita and other local heroes, to encourage and support children in disaster struck area of eastern Japan.
Concepts are love for hometown, mind of unification and spirit of never giving up.
By using Tohoku-United-Sword (TUS), in shape of Tohoku area, he punishes villains, Garasher Empire designed based on foreign species like black bass which affects ecological systems.
Leading Anisong singer, Ichiro Mizuki sings the theme song.
A part of royalties from sales of character goods is donated to chilren in needs.

Tamotsu Ebina

Tamotsu Ebina, producer of Akita’s local hero Chojin Neiger born in June 2005 as a pioneer of local hero, produced with the concept applying specialties and characteristics of Akita such as dialects, cultural figure Namahage, traditional food Kiritampo and Hatahata, Chojin Neiger has been very popular until today.


Date: 11:00 - 20:00 Friday 12th - Sunday 14th February
Place: Royal Paragon Hall 5th F., Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Content: 1) Entertainment 2) Travel 3) Food 4) Shopping 5) Studying abroad 6) Recruitment

Company Information

Courage Force, Inc.

[Main Office]
600-9 Nesabu, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN 901-0205

[Tokyo Office]
2-39-26 Higashitokura, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 185-0002

Business Activities
・ Operation and Management of World MIRAIGAR project


Courage Force, Inc. Narihiko Yoshida

Courage Force, Inc.

Main Office
660-9 Nesabu, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN 901-0205

Tokyo Office
2-39-26 Higashitokura, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 185-0002

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