World MIRAIGAR Project.


"MIRAIGAR T1" TV Series Starts in Thailand as the Hero Project #1 produced by Courage Force Inc., of “Chojin Neiger”

9 Sept. 2016



Courage Force Inc. (Akita, Japan CEO Tamotsu Ebina, hereinafter CF) starts broadcasting "MIRAIGAR T1" TV series on Channel 14 (MCOT family) in Thailand from Saturday, 5 November 2016 as the first World Miraigar project (hereinafter WMP) deployed with the concept of Japanese Hero who delivers courage, dreams and smiles to children around the world.

This is a part of CF’s ten-year-projects that CEO Ebina, birth parent of Akita’s successful local hero, Chojin Neiger, to produce ASEAN+ country heroes who trained with the spirit of Tohoku-united God MIRAGAR, hero of Tohoku 6 prefectures, and marks the formal Thai launch of the activities temporary called as Thai MIRAIGAR.

The Project was realized by unique collaboration of young Thai creators and talented Japanese creators. CEO Tamotsu Ebina takes part in planning, original stories, costume designs and action supervising, the king of Anison, Ichiro Mizuki sings in Japanese the theme song of Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR, the core spirit of the Project, and the choreographer of numerous popular music, Sasuga Minami choreographs the ending theme song.

As a part of the project, performance production and merchandise development of "MIRAIGAR T1" will be deployed in Thailand upon broadcasting of the series.


World MIRAIGAR Tiger and MIRAIGAR Dragon

Broadcasting Details

Series Title
MIRAIGAR T1 (มิไรการ์ ทีวัน)
First Episode
11:30 – 12:00
Saturday, 19 November 2016
(same time, every Saturday for 13 episodes until February 2017)
MCOT Family

* MIRAIGAR T1 project is supported by METI, Government of Japan

Production Crew

Planning/Original Story
/Character Design/Action Supervisor
Tamotsu Ebina
Executive Producer
Narihiko Yoshida
Executive Producer
Toshinari Hatanaka
Toshiya Niikura
(Journal Entertainment Tribute, Inc.)
Yuki Narita (Visual Space, Inc.)
Producer (Thailand)
Treetape Thaikurupant
Producer (Thailand)
Anawat Anukoon
Music Producer
Daisuke Honji
Director (Thailand)
TIN TUN Dhanop
Plot Direction
Takashi Ui
Takashi Ui, Asami Tanaka,
Pan Nithakorn,
Sathira Phanwongsa (Thailand)
Courage Force, Inc.
Production Partner (Thailand)


Tod (Pranapong Khaisang )
Sa-Kun (Karnyaphak Pongsak)
Donut (Nachawat Jaidang)
Tin (police man)
Ducth (Nattkit Taengthai)
Aood (police man)
Nine (Gunwut Anonrat)
Peak (Peemapol Panichtamrong)
Nice (Wichpol Somkid)
Ploynoii (Ravintera Panpattana)
Liu Yang Yang
Bai-Tong Grandmother
Ammp (Pornphen Fah-Amnuay)
Farm Grandfather
Tar(Ekkachan Charoensan)
Ben (Ben Busarakamwong)
Mew (Greek Yuangmanee)
New (Tharavee Wadvichid)
World miraigar
Bank(Suwattana Takanratti)
Miraigar dragon
Prem (Jettarat Sahananporn)
Miraigar tiger
Title (Phauethikorn Chaichongcharoen)

Theme Song

Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR
(โทโฮคุกักชิน มิไรการ์)
Dai Takahashi
Chumei Watanabe
Yoshichika Inomata
Performed by
Ichiro Mizuki

Ending Song

Smile Smile Smile ( (ยิ้ม ยิ้ม ยิ้ม)
Eri Ishikawa
Cher Watanabe
Cher Watanabe
Performed by
Sa-Kun, Ploynoii & Liu Yang Yang with Thai children
Choreographed by
Sasuga Minami
Planning Assistance
Yoshito Murakoshi (Sasugagumi)


Be alarmed! “Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR” has uneasy premonition and gathers in Thailand. Young successor of muay-thai gym, Parkin who unveils to be Thai Miraigar, ‘MIRAIGAR T1’ joins Japanese Miraigars to battle against Tep-maan and his fellow demons who try to deprive smiles from Thailand, Land of smiles.
Both Jenny, girlfriend of Parkin and Pham, genius girl scientist are manipulated by Tep-maan and entrap them into creating critical situation in Thailand.

How does MIRAIGAR T1 crush the demon’s ambition, collective force of evil spirits, and successfully bring back smiles to Thailand?

Creator Profile – Japan

Tamotsu Ebina
CEO, F2-ZONE, Inc./Courage Force, Inc.
All round producer Ebina designs local heroes, creates costumes, operate live shows and acts to activate the region. His main hero character Chojin Neiger of Akita along with stories and naming familiar to local direct and products made his debut as a local production in June 2005 and became a huge success.
Takashi Ui
Director, Script Writer and Music Director
Major directing and script writing works of animation and live action movies including Kimba the White Lion (TV Tokyo) TV series and Stray Sheep. Other assignments include directing and script writing of Symphony of Peace Prayers No. 1, script writing and directing of Opera Kotsuru composed by Shinichiro Ikebe for National Cultural Festival 2003 and script writing and stage direction for The Fall of Freddie the Leaf at Suntory Hall
Asami Tanaka
Script Writer, Broadcast Writer
Starting as a writer for Spartan MX on Tokyo MX TV, she joins female creator group, ‘Tsukuru Onna’ and plays a major part mainly on WEBTV as broadcast and script writer.
Ichiro Mizuki
King of Anison has breathed life into over 1200 songs including major hit songs such as Mazinger Z, Babel II, and Space Pirate Captain Herlock. He has also performed overseas in France, China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen), Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Vietnam and is one of the most popular Japanese with media coverage over 90 languages.
Sasuga Minami
Immersed in various dance genres from a young age, including modern, classic, jazz, and acrobatics, Minami has worked as a dance instructor since the age of 16. While maintaining an active career as a professional dancer, she began drawing attention through street performances whose goal is to establish original cross-genre dance forms. She has choreographed for numerous commercials and artists and is active both at home and abroad on a motion program entitled the "0-100 Project," which targets everyone from 0 to 100 (from infants to the elderly). Minami was also a member of JAGATARA, a legendary band active during the 1980s.

World MIRAIGAR Project

This project is based on the story that World MIRAIGAR, brother of Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR visit around the world and cooperate with country heroes for the purpose of encouraging and supporting local children and contributing to world peace.

  • Sympathizing with the sprit of UN’s SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)voted on Sep. 25th 2015, this project nurtures spirits to overcome challenges and social adaptabilities, support future of children, and contribute to world peace.
    Spirits: Don’t give up, Support each other, Do the right things Social Adaptabilities: Say Hello, Say thank you, Say I’m sorry, Wash your hands, Brush your teeth, Appreciate your food, Follow traffic rules.
  • Supporting future of chilren in needs - Donating a part of revenue generated from World MIRAIGAR project to support children.
  • Contributing to cultural and business exchanges between Japan and the world especially in tourism utilizing Hero Culture


Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR

This project of 6 Tohoku heroes is established by Tamotsu Ebina, birth parent of Chojin Neiger of Akita and other local heroes, to encourage and support children in disaster struck area of eastern Japan.
The main concepts are love for hometown, mind of unification and spirit of never giving up. Touhokugasshin MIRAIGAR has been designed incorporating the essence of Tohoku culture and spirit. By using Tohoku-United-Sword (TUS), in shape of Tohoku area, he punishes villains, Garasher Empire designed based on foreign species like black bass which affects ecological systems.
Leading Anisong singer, Ichiro Mizuki sings the theme song.
A part of royalties from sales of character goods is donated to chilren in needs.


Company Information

Courage Force, Inc.

[Main Office]
600-9 Nesabu, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN 901-0205

[Tokyo Office]
2-39-26 Higashitokura, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 185-0002

Business Activities
・ Operation and Management of World MIRAIGAR project


Courage Force, Inc. Narihiko Yoshida

Courage Force, Inc.

Main Office
660-9 Nesabu, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, JAPAN 901-0205

Tokyo Office
2-39-26 Higashitokura, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 185-0002

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